Add or remove shadows to elements with `box-shadow` utilities.


No shadow
Small shadow
Regular shadow
Larger shadow
Soft shadow
Larger primary shadow
                      <div class="shadow-none p-3 mb-5 bg-light rounded">No shadow</div>
                      <div class="shadow-sm p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Small shadow</div>
                      <div class="shadow p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Regular shadow</div>
                      <div class="shadow-lg p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Larger shadow</div>
                      <div class="shadow-soft p-3 mb-5 bg-white rounded">Soft shadow</div>
                      <div class="shadow-primary-lg bg-primary text-white p-3 mb-5 rounded">Larger shadow</div>

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